Text #3: Virtual Brighter Futures

Your help….. your donation, can provide a transformative moment for a child in Rhode Island that they need to succeed, just like you did.

  • If 40 of you here today give $25, we can provide 10 cribbettes to provide safe sleep for newborns and babies.
  • If 30 of you give $50, we can help 10 kids with speech pathology services.
  • If 20 of you give $100, we can provide 10 home health visits to a newborn by a pediatric nurse.
  • If 10 of you give $30 we can provide 10 home deliveries of emergency food & formula for babies.


Now we’re going to learn a little bit about our honoree. But before that, let’s see if there are any champions for children in the room today.

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