Introducing Storyteller Emma B.

Hi, I’m Emma B. a current High School Senior living in Rhode Island. As part of our curriculum, each senior is tasked with creating a project to expand their learning beyond the classroom. I chose to focus on learning more about Family Service of Rhode Island’s (FSRI’s) foster care program. FSRI was kind enough to also give me the opportunity to help them recruit more foster families and help me to put my own spin on it. The importance of fostering is something I feel passionate about because it is more than just an idea or concept – but is something that impacts young children with their futures ahead of them. For me, this senior project isn’t just an assignment; it’s personal.

When I was in 9th grade, my parents sat down with my sister and me and told us they were going to become certified foster parents. Originally, they planned to provide only respite care [which is when you provide a short break for another foster care family]. However, during the summer just before I entered 11th grade, my family took in two foster care kids – a brother and sister, ages 5 and 8 years old. They lived with us for nearly 9 months and even now, continue to be a part of our life and family.

During their time with us, I learned a lot about what it means to have a positive impact and broadened my worldview. Foster care can be a system in place that lifts children up and helps them to learn and grow in a safe environment while helping biological parents do the same, and the system is truly made up of individuals and each person can be part of this positive change. I have seen firsthand that fostering is in no way easy – but it does make a difference.

I hope each of these stories shows you that there is more to the system and that making a difference is never out of reach, nor does it have to be something huge like adoption but instead can be something as simple as providing a safe home for a weekend. With the help of FSRI, you can become part of what makes a difference for a kid in need. To learn more about what is means to foster, please give us a ring at 401-900-8499 or visit our foster care webpage at

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