Restorative Practices

Restorative Practices

Academic excellence is challenging when bullying, fighting and other school disruptions occur.


Family Service of Rhode Island (FSRI) partners with the Central Falls and Westerly, Rhode Island school department to prevent juvenile delinquency and to promote a positive learning environment through the use of Restorative Practices.  The program is provided in collaboration with the Youth Restoration Project.


Educators praise Restorative Practices for assisting in improved management of classrooms, for helping students take responsibility for their actions, and for fostering a positive environment that is conducive to learning and growth.

Teenagers forming a circle, demonstrating Restorative Practices approach.

Restorative Practices Techniques

  •  Walk and Talk--with immediate face-to-face interaction between a student and Restorative Practices staff;

  • Circles--sit-down discussions in which groups of students collaborate on social and emotional skill-building under the guidance of school personnel and Restorative Practices staff;

  • Mediation--involving school administration, Restorative Practices staff,  students, parents and teachers, to gather input and resolve conflicts; and

  • Conferencing—structured meetings between offenders, victims and both parties’ family and friends, in which they deal with the consequences of the offense and decide how to best repair harm.


The program also provides training and consultation to parents, teachers, other school staff and community members to improve social interaction.


CrossFit as Part of Restorative Practices at Central Falls High School

FSRI staff incorporated the Restorative model into an early morning CrossFit program at Central Falls High School.  Television station WPRI was so impressed by what they were hearing that they did an extended segment on the effort in June, 2013.  Watch the report here:

More Information About Restorative Practices

More information about FSRI's work with Restorative Practices is available by calling Barbara Martin at (401) 331-1350 ext. 3370.

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