Early Childhood

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Early Childhood

FSRI offers services in the homes of supported families, eliminating geographic restraints and transportation issues.



Contact our Intake Department at 401-519-2280 or online - click here.

Family Service of Rhode Island (FSRI) works to help kids have a healthy start in life through a range of child development programs. These include prenatal, early childhood and pre-school services that address nutrition, medical care, parenting, physical and mental health challenges, vocabulary growth and more. 

Early Intervention 


Family Service of Rhode Island (FSRI) helps families with kids, birth to age three, who have a developmental delay, a medical condition that may affect development or who are at risk for developmental delays.


FSRI's EI team includes educators, social workers, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, nutritionists, and interpreters.


Services are provided in the home and in a child’s natural environments. Administrative support is coordinated from our agency's 134 Thurbers Ave, Providence office. 


Supporting Learning

EI staff provide coaching to a child's most essential influence, their caregivers. Providing knowledge that will promote development through naturally occurring, developmentally appropriate activities. EI helps make teaching more effective, ensuring the child has positive social relationships, acquires and uses knowledge and skills, and takes action to meet his or her needs.

Family Visiting


Family Service of RI’s Family Visiting programs help expectant parents and families of infants and toddlers to find resources and develop skills needed to raise physically, socially and emotionally healthy children. This service is provided either in your home or anywhere in your community at no cost to you. For more information about family visiting programs statewide, go to http://health.ri.gov/familyvisiting.

Healthy Families Rhode Island

Healthy Families Rhode Island, which has received

national accreditation from Healthy Families America,

provides support to expectant parents and families

with infants. Enrolling families early in a pregnancy or shortly after the birth of a newborn is key; once enrolled, families can continue to receive services until their child turns four years old.  

Family Visitors can support your family to build strong and healthy relationships. Your Family Visitor can also help you become more confident in your role as a parent as it relates to healthy child development. Family Visitors can also help you become more self-sufficient by partnering with you to identify your family’s goals.  

First Connections

First Connections is a short-term Family Visiting program that provides support to pregnant women and families with children younger than three living in any city or town in Rhode Island.

You may get a call from a First Connections agency soon after your child is born. You can also call FSRI’s First Connections agency if you live in Providence and Cranston any time to request a visit.


First Connections has trained nurses and social workers that can help you with questions you may have about caring for your newborn or toddler. Family Visitors can also help you to sign up for community resources that can help support your family’s needs.


Call (401) 519-2280 Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. or leave a message at the number after hours for more information.  Hablamos español.


For emergencies please call 9-1-1.