National Grid Harnesses the Power of Caring

Valerie Bellrose, a community coordinator for National Grid, has been working on Family Service of Rhode Island’s Be Safe Campaign through volunteer coordination. National Grid is a long-time partner of FSRI, and the financial and coordinative support has allowed the program to flourish over the past three months. Valerie has been working on the campaign since the beginning and has even volunteered to help deliver. FSRI’s no contact deliveries, taking place each week, require many volunteers to account for the Be Safe kits. Each Be Safe kit includes a 3-5 day supply of food, masks, and various cleaning supplies, providing a layer of strength and support for the Rhode Islanders who receive them. Individuals like Valerie give the program the necessary support that extends to every household receiving Be Safe kits.

Each week, National Grid sends as many as 11 employee volunteers out to help deliver. Many drivers have volunteered multiple times and enjoy the experience enough to continue coming back to help. Valerie attributes the high number repeat volunteers to National Grid’s healthy work culture that encourages employee volunteerism and how the employees strongly embrace it.

“I think the number of repeat volunteers speaks to the experience that our employees are having while making these deliveries. Many of the employees have remarked on the personal texts they have received from the recipients after the delivery was made thanking both them and family service for their kindness,” Valerie notes.

Valerie’s role as a community coordinator allows her to work with programs that improve communities, and through the last three months, these programs and her experience have been invaluable in the Be Safe campaign. As well as coordinating, Valerie has also volunteered as a delivery driver. Each week, teams of volunteers deliver the Be Safe kits across Rhode Island. Each kit is a no-contact delivery and the recipients must be home when the kits are delivered to ensure safety. Valerie has recounted her experience as a delivery volunteer as very positive and rewarding. The ability to give back to the community after staying in for so long.

“This is why I love what I do,” she adds.

As a community coordinator, the reward for hard work comes with the positive impact of her work. Thanks to Valerie and the many wonderful volunteers who have delivered kits over the past three months, over 10,000 people have been helped. Everyone in the Be Safe campaign has worked to give a safeguard to the people of Rhode Island, and the personal feedback from Be Safe recipients shows the importance of this campaign. Valerie’s hard work continues to support the campaign as it transitions from Be Safe to Be Safe Plus to expand and improve the impact against COVID-19 in Rhode Island.