FCCP Essential to COVID-Era Care

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Without the right tools, how do you keep stability in the aftermath of COVID-19?

How can critical situations be prevented?

Family Care and Community Partnerships (FCCP) is a program that works with the Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF) to connect families with community resources to prevent and combat crises. Each family works with a “family team” of professionals and natural supports of loved ones to work towards a single plan, often including safety or crisis planning. For example, housing, food, and financial insecurity have all increased due to COVID-19. FCCP teams connect families to resources such as the Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless and others for coordinated entry. Even local programs, such as nearby public schools offering free meals for school-aged children, are utilized to connect families with necessary resources.

One family working with FCCP included a mom and her children living with an extended family member during COVID due to housing insecurity. Due to past issues, the family member threatened to kick out the woman and her children, causing the mother to choose between her children and housing. Immediately, FCCP workers on their family team took the required screening measures and mediated a discussion between the mother, son, and family member.

Many aspects of the situation called for fast action, but COVID-19 only added complications. While the situation has since remedied, there would not have been any solution found for this family and many others without the attention of FCCP.

“We've been able to successfully connect to community resources without opening to DCYF,” notes Nicole Marshall Concha, a Family Service of Rhode Island FCCP Administrator.

With FCCP’s 96% effectiveness rate, the resources and connections provided by the program to families help tremendously in preventing crises and helping families work towards collective goals.

Written by:

Kyle Ginsberg