Family Service of Rhode Island is outreaching to the community with an “Adopt-A-Girl-in-a-Shelter” campaign.

“We have thirty girls temporarily living in Family Service of Rhode Island homes in East Providence, Smithfield and North Smithfield. We are asking the community to partner with us to make Christmas morning extra special this year,” said Maggie Slane, who heads fundraising for the non-profit.

She noted that the girls, who are from various communities, have histories of abuse and other issues making it unsafe to be with their families. “Some of these girls, as part of their healing, will eventually move to foster and adoptive homes. This Christmas, however, they will be in one of our shelters.”

The agency is trying to raise at least $200 per girl over the next 10 days. To make a donation, text “FSRIGiving” to 44321, click here or call Maggie at 401-331-1350 ext 3840.