Mount Pleasant Academy

Mount Pleasant Academy

Established in 2001 by Family Service of Rhode Island (FSRI), Mount Pleasant Academy (MPA) is a leading private, alternative school for children with psychiatric, emotional or behavioral challenges, including children functioning along the Autism Spectrum.  MPA also provides services for children with learning disabilities.

Public school special education departments refer students to MPA if the department is unable to meet the child's needs.  Tuition is paid by the referring school district.

Logo for Mount Pleasant Academy, a special eduation school.

MPA's success is through combining research and state-of-the-art teaching with an outstanding team of educators, occupational therapists, speech/language therapists, children’s mental health specialists and family support workers.

We are located at 1246 Chalkstone Ave, Providence. For more information call (401) 521-4335 or visit

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