Celebrating 125 Years!

125 Acts of Kindness for 125 Years

No Act of Kindness, No Matter How Small, is Ever Wasted. - Aesop

One main thread connects our past and our future, the kindness of the people of Rhode Island. Whether it be the families we serve, seeking a brighter future for their children, or those staff and volunteers that support FSRI, our core value of kindness has made a difference in the lives of thousands of Rhode Islanders

Act of Kindness #14


Embrace Home Loans

A big thank you to Embrace Home Loans for giving our mothers and children at Lucy's Hearth a cheerful place to sit and play.  They volunteered their time to paint and prepare outdoor benches and tables for summer fun.  

Act of Kindness #13

Thank you to the leadership of Dave's Market, they generously donated a 75 dollar gift card for our loving residential staff to purchase cake and frosting so every child in our care has their birthday acknowledged and celebrated.

Act of Kindness #12

Our partners Foster Forward RI made many of our prom and eighth-grade dance dreams come true for our lovable resident children. They outfitted our kids in new dresses and tuxedos for their special night.

Act of Kindness #11

In honor of Mother's Day an anonymous donor has donated over 30 tickets for some of our loving foster families to enjoy a Paw Sox game this weekend.

Act of Kindness #10

Every child deserves a Prom or 8th Grade Dance that is special, where their inner and outer beauty shines. Paul Mitchell School gave a group of deserving residential children a style to call their own for their special night.

Act of Kindness #9

FSRI is designed to meet people where they are, to interact with them in homes, in schools, and in communities and to provide support to traditionally underserved populations that find themselves in tough situations. Thanks to Principal Loughlin & the teachers at Pleasant View Elementary where Susan and other FSRI staff work with students and families every day.

Act of Kindness #8

Thank you to the East Providence City Hall featuring FSRI the month of May. Our display case features our history and our future offering resources to the community and families.

Act of Kindness #7

FSRI connected with the Environmental Protection Agency at Fogarty School for of an immersive Earth Day event. Principal, Courtney Monterecy, hopes to bring the spirit of Earth Day into the classroom. EPA's Walter Berry and his team presented four exhibits to the K-3 classrooms at Fogarty, featuring a salt-water touch tank while learning about our local fish and water. Our partnership connects the children of South Providence with our environment and shows children how they can contribute to the future health of our city and state.

Act of Kindness #6

In record time, FSRI staff and Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority of JWU celebrated Earth Day with cleaning up Sayles Park near the Fogarty School. These parks are frequented by the students of the Walking School Bus.

Act of Kindness #5

Darlene Allen has devoted her career to improving the lives of children and families impacted by foster care and adoption. For many children in foster care as well as young adults who grew up in and/or have aged out of the foster care system, Darlene is often the one person who has been in their lives since childhood, and she always makes time for them.  Whether it be attending a performance or graduation ceremony to make sure they have someone in the audience, offering help with a college application or career guidance, or just being there to listen when they need to talk;  Or advocating for the protection of all children from infancy to adulthood, advocating education/training to ensure all children are living in a safe environment, or working with legislators to extend the age of foster care services, Darlene’s acts of kindness are countless and come from a place of true commitment to each and every child.  

Act of Kindness #4

For decades Russ and Beth Milham have worked to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS through their work with the AIDS Quilt project. Over the years they have made five quilts honoring five individuals but they have also worked to educate over 100 Rhode Island Nurse Institute students about HIV/AIDS. Russ and Beth emphasize the need for compassion and empathy when caring for patients afflicted with HIV/AIDS through training and by sharing the stories of people who live with the disease every day. We here at FSRI understand how important it is to raise awareness and understanding about HIV/AIDS and appreciate

Act of Kindness #3

We celebrated National Social Worker Day by treating our hardworking staff to a free breakfast of coffee and bagels! Our social workers are on the clock and on the ball 24/7 and we wanted to let them know that we appreciate all that they do for our clients every day. 

Act of Kindness #2

Thank you to Brown University president Christina Paxson for inviting us into her lovely home to celebrate our 125th anniversary. FSRI and Brown have a long history of serving Rhode Islanders in need through charitable efforts and programs. We hope to continue working with Brown for many years to come to continue our mission of building stronger communities and healthy families. 

Act of Kindness #1

The first act of kindness came from our friends at Fidelity and Common Impact. They were kind enough to donate their time and talent to help us build our wonderful new website. The new features and functions will make FSRI much more accessible to those that need our services most. 

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Do you have an idea, big or small, for an Act of Kindness in 2017 that would help your community, schools, neighbors? Share it with us by using the hashtag #125Kindness

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