Campaign for Kindness

“It’s the little things that make the biggest difference. The simple act of being kind can sometimes help in ways that nothing else can.”

-Margaret Holland McDuff, CEO

Family Service of Rhode Island (FSRI)

This year, FSRI is celebrating 125 years of working to promote healthy families and stronger communities in Rhode Island. As part of this celebration, we have launched an Acts of Kindness campaign and we want you to participate.

Are you ready to take the Pledge and Act With Kindness?

Because no act of kindness is ever wasted and because one word can change someone’s day; because it costs nothing and means everything; because kindness is contagious and cures ailments big and small, because kindness is the first step to making my home, my neighborhood, my community, my state, my country, and the world a better place.

I Pledge to do my part and to deliberately and actively Act with Kindness!

  • Let everyone know you’ve taken the pledge and encourage them to do the same!

  • Post to Facebook and Twitter use hashtag #125Kindness, #FSRI.

  • Download our #125Kindness sign or make your own!​