Become a Foster Parent in our Foster Care Program!

All across Rhode Island there are children who need foster homes.  Whether due to physical abuse, mental health problems or a family emergency, at times foster care is necessary.

Can you help?

Foster parents receive the support of a team of clinicians and case managers, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  They respond to any phone call within 10 minutes.

Foster parents receive tax-free dollars to support the placement, free medical coverage for the child, daycare assistance and a clothing allowance.

Many of the children ready for placement are school age.  Occasionally there are younger children.

Becoming a foster parent is a good first step toward adoption; however, one can become a foster parent even if adoption is not part of the plan.

If you would consider becoming a foster parent, please call (401) 660-7822 or email Leidy Alves.

Learn about our outreach for LGBTQ foster parents, the #wetakeprideinallfamilies campaign, here.

You may fill out an inquiry form on-line.  Check it out here.

Below are many video and audio resources about our program.  Please scroll down!!

ION Television interviewed foster care manager Greg about foster parenting for its television program "For the Record."  Click below to view the program!

This is a screenshot of ION Televisions's program on Family Service of RI's foster care program. Click on it for the program.

B101 Radio Personality Kristin Lessard welcome members of our foster care team into the studio for an interview

B101 radio personality Kristin Lessard, center, recently welcomed our foster care program manager Greg Wright and former foster child/foster parent Michelle Saunders into the Clear Channel radio studios in Providence to record a segment about foster parenting.

To hear the interview, please click here.

Meet a local foster mom by clicking on the video screen:

A foster mom video

“The training was really helpful in a lot of areas, [and] there is a lot of support from Family ServiA foster mom with her adopted son and Family Service of RI foster care program managerce,” she said. “I have a case worker that comes to see me once a week. I enjoyed going to the training..."


                                             --Foster Mother Donna LaRose

                                                             Interview, Standard Times 6/4/14


        That's Donna In the photo with

Family Service of Rhode Island's

                                                     Foster Care program manager

Greg Wright and her adopted son

                                                          shortly after the interview.



Read the complete interview here


Photo from foster care press conference May 5, 2014


"You grow into being a family. You learn that a parent is the one who's at your high school graduation, your prom and all the important things."


                                                            --Former foster child Michelle Saunders


Interview, Providence Journal 5/6/14


                                                            Read the story from the Providence Journal here.

Watch a video here.