Become a Foster Parent!

All across Rhode Island there are children who need foster homes.  Whether due to physical abuse, mental health problems or a family emergency, at times foster care is necessary.

Can you help?

Foster parents receive the support of a team of clinicians and case managers, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  They respond to any phone call within 10 minutes.

Foster parents receive tax-free dollars to support the placement, plus free medical coverage for the child and a clothing allowance.

Many of the children ready for placement are school age.  Occasionally there are younger children.

Becoming a foster parent is a good first step toward adoption; however, one can become a foster parent even if adoption is not part of the plan.

If you would consider becoming a foster parent, please call (401) 331-1350 ext. 3305 or email Greg Wright.

Or fill out an inquiry form on-line.  Check it out here.

Meet a local foster mom in this brief video.

"I have worked closely with and learned much about the care for these children ."