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Need help? The Family Care Community Partnership (FCCP), led by Family Service of RI, "helped my family; they can help yours."  Click here for a video to learn more about this free service that works to help children succeed at home, in school and in the community. For more information, call (401) 519-2280 or (401) 331-1350. Or click on a flyer here.

¿Necesita ayuda? Family Care Community Partnership (FCCP) dirigido por Family Service of RI, trabajará con usted para ayudar a su hijo/hija a tener éxito en el hogar, en la escuela y en la comunidad. ¡Con ningún costo para usted! Para mas información, (401) 519-2280 o (401) 331-1350 .Un volante es aquí.

"I like the program, the staff is great, they have a lot of resources."

The work of FCCP includes "Partners in Service," a collaboration of agencies, faith communities and businesses to ensure FCCP families are provided basic necessities. Read a Cranston Herald report by clicking here.

Family Service of Rhode Island is a member of the Washington Kent FCCP serving Washington and Kent Counties. To contact: (401) 789-3016.


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