The Rhode Island State Victim Assistance Academy Seeking Applicants

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The Rhode Island State Victims Assistance Academy (RISVAA) is a foundation-level experience geared toward victim service providers new to the field of victim services.

RISVAA is a 40 hour curriculum of foundation level and experiential learning that will be given over the course of five days. Students of the academy will consist of victim service providers as well as criminal justice professionals who work with victims of crime.

The goal is to bring providers together in an interactive, educational setting to encourage creative thinking about ways to best help victims of crime and to build collaborative partnerships within the victim services community. The academy is based on the National Victim Assistance Academy curriculum that was developed by the Office for Victims of Crime and sponsored by the United States Department of Justice. Please see article in Roger Williams magazine about the academy by clicking here.

The RISVAA will select approximately 35 candidates to attend the academy at Roger Williams University Baypoint Campus in Portsmouth, RI.

The Academy will take place over the course of five full days (7/12, 7/19, 7/26, 8/2 & 8/9). The candidates will complete a 40 hour curriculum that was developed by a multidisciplinary steering committee of public and private agencies throughout the state of Rhode Island. A certificate will be offered upon completion of achievement.

The cost: $50 per person for victim advocate/bachelor level & $125 per person for CEU-seeking participants.

Student Selection Criteria:

To be eligible for selection, candidates must:

--Serve in a paid or volunteer position having direct contact with victims of crime in Rhode Island.


--Agree to attend all 5 days of the academy.

Questions? Please contact Ashley Hall at 401-331-1350, ext. 3200 or hallas@familyserviceri.org.

An on-line application is available below:

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Education Level*:

GED HS Diploma Associates
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(Educational information will not impact eligibility; it is used for statistical purposes only)

Please list any certifications you hold:

Select what best describes the type of organization you represent:

Federal State City Private/Nonprofit Other

Your agency primarily serves clients in which type of community:

Urban Suburban Rural All of the above

Select one category that best describes the organization at which you work or voluteer:

Criminial Justice-Based Community/Nonprofit Additional Agencies
All Victims
Sexual Assault
Domestic Violence
Child Abuse
Homeless Shelter
Drunk Driving
Homicide Support
Missing/Exploited Children

Youth Services
Legal Services
Mental Health Services
Substance Abuse Services

Indicate the types of crimes that you primarily serve:

Domestic Violence
Sexual Assault
Child Abuse/Sexual Abuse
Survivors of Homicide Victims
Drunk Driving
All Crimes Against Persons
All Crimes Against Property
Dating Violence
Elderly Victims
Missing/Exploited Children
Computer Crimes
Victims with Disabilities
Bias Violence/Hate Crimes
Gang Violence
Identity Theft

Indicate the types of services that you primarily providefor victims of crime in your current position:

Crisis Intervention
24 Hour Hotline
Medical Advocacy
Case Management
Support Groups
Assitance with Orders of Protection
Child Care
Emotional Support
Court Advocacy
Restituation Assistance
Victim Impact Statement Assistance
Crime Victim Compensation Assistance
Legal Advocacy
Information Referral
Community Education
Social Service Advocacy
Training and Technical Assistance
Multidisciplinary Teams

Please list affiliaties with professional organizations or groups related to victim services:

Briefly summarize your current and previous relevant experience assisiting crime victims and other releated employment in the last five years.

Please briefly state why you want to attend the RISVAA and how your participation will benefit you professionally and personally. Include additional information you believe important for the application selection committee to consider.

Please let us know if you require any special accomodations:

Please signifty your commitment to attend the full 40-hour academy by signing and dating below.

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